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Florida’s subtropical climate is ideal for mold and mildew growth. Drive through any community and you will notice ugly black stains covering roofs, stucco walls, driveways and just about every other exterior surface. This is all part of Florida living and is something that must be dealt with on a regular basis. Keeping our homes looking great is very important to most homeowners, and keeping them mildew free is a constant battle. But, don’t get frustrated. This problem can be controlled.

Did you know that Hernando Roof Cleaning & Coatings was the first company to introduce the approved Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Method to Hernando County? For over twenty seven years, Hernando Roof Cleaning & Coatings has been the industry leader. Thousands of Pasco, Hernando and Citrus County residents and business owners have relied on our expertise and innovative methods to keep their homes and businesses looking great! We clean mold, mildew and fungus from all exterior surfaces.

Several newer companies may try to mimic our services, however, what separates us from the average pressure cleaning company is our expertise in soft wash roof cleaning, roof preservation, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. This is why we have the reputation as the area’s premier soft wash roof cleaning and roof preservation experts and why so many residents and business owners recommend us to their family, friends and clientele. See photos of our completed projects and read our testimonials and reviews

All of our trucks are equipped with the proper tools to get the job done right. Roof cleaning can be dangerous and an inexperienced person can easily damage your roof, or worse, they may slip and fall. We are proud and fortunate to have had no incidents in our company’s history. We attribute this to our safety first policy. To protect our clients we provide Workers Compensation Insurance for all of our employees and we also have general liability insurance. 

Roofs vary in many ways. Besides protecting us from the elements, they are an intricate part of the homes architecture and overall appearance. A mildew stained roof – whether it be shingle or tile – is not just an eyesore, buy it can also cause irreversible damage if left untreated. Therefore, periodically cleaning your roof may not be enough. This is why over twenty years ago we developed a product called Ultra-Guard. Ultra-Guard Protective Roof Coating is applied to a properly cleaned roof, usually within a few days. Its main purpose is to preserve and protect your roof.

Florida’s sunshine attracts millions of people every year. But, it’s harmful U.V. rays rapidly break down the integrity of your roof:

  • Shingle roofs begin losing granules from the moment they are installed. This erosion process, which varies depending on the roof’s quality, accelerates as the years pass. Extensive granule loss will result in having to repair or replace your roof prematurely. Applying Ultra-Guard Protective Shingle Sealant will control granule loss immediately. Assuring your roof achieves its maximum life expectancy. Ultra-Guard’s powerful mildewcides will also extend the time between cleanings.
  • Tile roofs come in many variations and are also very vulnerable to U.V. rays. Factory glazed tile come both flat and barrel. Most are variegated but they can also be a solid color. This type of tile is very popular in our region. After years of exposure, the factory glaze breaks down causing the tile to fade. Ultra-Guard Protective Tile Glaze is designed to provide a protective barrier, which will not only enhance the roof’s appearance, but will extend the time between cleanings.
  • Painted Tile roofs are also enhanced and protected by Ultra-Guard’s protective sheen. Regardless of the quality of the paint, all painted roofs fade. Darker and more vibrant colors tend to fade even faster. We recommend applying Ultra-Guard to all painted roofs, as this will ensure less fading and in addition provide mildew protection.
  • Color-Thru tiles are very unique. Most of them are manufactured to have a dull and very porous finish. The porosity of the color-thru tile is the primary issue. Mildew loves a porous surface. Therefore color-thru tile needs to be cleaned very often. Ultra-Guard will help reduce the porosity of the tile, lengthening the time between cleanings.
  • Please Note: Ultra-Guard will not seal roof leaks. Ultra-Guard is designed to be part of your roofs overall maintenance program and is not recommended for all roofs. A free evaluation will determine if Ultra-Guard can help to preserve your roof.

Roof Cleaning Methods

Soft Wash Shingle Roof Cleaning (no pressure used)

  • Inspect and notify homeowner of any damage to roof
  • Apply cleaning solution
  • Rinse off dead mildew using garden hose

Tile Roof Cleaning

  • Inspect and notify homeowner of any damage to roof
  • Apply cleaning solution
  • Lightly pressure rinse entire roof

Note: We use a two-man team; we aim to protect all plants by covering and rinsing them. Gutters can be cleaned for an additional charge.


Soft Wash Shingle & Tile Roof Cleaning May 24, 2017